SAP Help – How to Prepare for SAP Certification

With the economy on a downturn, getting a job with a better pay means having the right qualifications for it, whether they be a certification or a sufficient training. In the field of information technology (IT), this is no exception: a highly sought-out skill means very high demand.

In this light, any IT professional knows for a fact that having a certification from Systems, Applications, and Products in Data Processing–or more commonly known as SAP–means getting one of the highest paying careers in any job market today.

To get this certification, however, means you have to go through a fairly long process. Listed below are some objectives that should be kept in mind when going for a SAP certification or a job position that requires SAP skills and knowledge.

Understand that failing to plan is planning to fail. So, plan before starting the study.(a) There are many modules associated with SAP like CRM, FICO, ABAP, BASIS, et al. It is advisable to get certified and authorized training with each of them.

(b) Have proper training in either a technical or an industrial profession. This might include certified backgrounds in engineering, computer studies, information technology, network analysis, and the like.

(c) The Internet is a very large source of information about SAP-related material, and more will be available in time. Still, it is recommended to go to a proper SAP training by an institution or a person. Specialized education is often better than hand-me-down information.

(d) As written above, the Internet is a good source of material, and some professionals prefer to give SAP training and education online instead while still remaining well within the normal training budget. Some valuable modules go for even less than USD500.

(e) It is usually the case for SAP training courses to have access to a SAP system. Anyone who wants to have more proficiency with the system–which means more familiarity and preparedness for the job you want to apply–should try to negotiate for some extra system access for a small number of months. Talk with your SAP training institute or person about this.

(f) Perform any, if not all, evaluations avalable. Exercise your proficiency with SAP on a regular basis. In any interview about SAP-dependent positions or SAP-related careers, the type of queries will be more about day-to-day or case-to-case applications, not merely theoretical ones.

(g) In the case that you can afford it, go for the SAP training certification. A full certificate is always better than just specific module training. Of course you have to update it from time to time, but this means more weight to your credentials, which equates to more chances in getting a high-paying job. Take note, though, that a SAP certification will normally be around USD1000.

(h) Establish connections with professionals who are already in a SAP-dependent or SAP-related field and ask them about approaches and insights that could help you with the job interview or the job itself.

(i) Lastly, try online groups and message boards about SAP. Better yet, keep accounts in multiple sites to further increase your chance of netting updates earler and learning more about modules you are interested in or you want to know about.

I hope these tips will help you prepare for certification. I have seen people use these tips to get certified. Best of luck.

If you are struggling with SAP certification, feel free to post your comments

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