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Getting Your SAP Certification – A Step By Step Guide

SAP Certification Starts Here: The world is faster and more efficient these days for businesses and organizations; thanks to information systems that have automated the business functionalities to ease the pressure and work. Systems, Applications and Products in Data Processing (SAP) are a leading Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software platform. The German based system is … Continue reading

SAP Consulting – The Way To The Dream?

It’s no secret that a SAP Consultant position is popular among IT Specialists, and CV competition is quite intense. So what do you need to start as a SAP Consultant? How to get the starting position with zero work experience? You have advantage if you got experience in implementation and support of other systems. If … Continue reading

SAP Implementation – How much will it cost your company?

Well, now you need SAP, your company yearns it but ‘What does it really take to implement it’? There are always those who just want to do something and those who know what they want. Knowing what you actually want and analyzing the consequences of any need has a business term ‘Cost Benefit Analysis’. SAP … Continue reading The 14 Most Commonly Asked Questions And Answers

1. What does the site offer? According to the website the service provides customized solutions on an as needed basis, in a business environment that is open and allows collaboration between members. At the most basic the site offers a marketplace where both sellers and buyers can register. Once registered both those looking to … Continue reading

How To Become a SAP Consultant

There are many places where you could build a career, but, undoubtedly, SAP is the best one. It is still necessary for you to have some qualities, such as intelligence, ambition and good manners, to be able to access a position in our company. In this way you will get the chance to develop yourself … Continue reading