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SAP Affiliate Partners Can Help You Answer Your Questions

Other than SAP AG, there are other numerous areas that you can get help from as well. The reliable sources that have been approved include the following; Consulting companies SAPs partnership with consulting companies has greatly contributed to the endorsement of SAPs system worldwide. This is in regards to the fact that SAP boosts of … Continue reading

SAP R/3 – The easy way for small companies to compete with the giants

When SAP R/3 first came into the market, it was seen as a tool for only the large corporations with bottomless coffers. This trend is beginning to change as much smaller companies are beginning to see the benefits of integrating their systems in line with SAP R/3 architecture. When a company wants to reinvent its … Continue reading The 14 Most Commonly Asked Questions And Answers

1. What does the site offer? According to the website the service provides customized solutions on an as needed basis, in a business environment that is open and allows collaboration between members. At the most basic the site offers a marketplace where both sellers and buyers can register. Once registered both those looking to … Continue reading

SAP is the real solution to enhance efficiency and profitability in your company

When SAP initially entered the market, it was seen as more technically structured according to specialized roles that the various modules would perform within the overall SAP framework. Specialization was emphasized as opposed to the bigger picture and no tangible link was provided to show that these modules were related to each other. Recruitment was … Continue reading

SAP – Who is it made for? Why might I need it for my company?

It is not only the large and the very large companies that have implemented or are implementing SAP R/3, but SAP is being accepted by the smaller companies also. The reasons why companies select to implement SAP are many – some are good while others are bad. One good reason companies are porting to SAP … Continue reading