Getting Your SAP Certification – A Step By Step Guide

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The world is faster and more efficient these days for businesses and organizations; thanks to information systems that have automated the business functionalities to ease the pressure and work. Systems, Applications and Products in Data Processing (SAP) are a leading Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software platform. The German based system is renowned world over for its varied technological benefits.

SAP Certification: Does it Matter?

Judging SAP’s Relevancy to Your Career

Due to the technical nature of the SAP, it is required that individuals educate and train themselves for SAP, so that they can make the best use of the vast software package more effectively. For this purpose, SAP offers certification that evidences some level of proficiency at using this software.

Before you approach to get yourself a SAP certification, you should be sure that it is going to be feasible for you and your career. Answering following questions may help one decide this:

  • Will the certification bring you a better job?
  • What level of certification should you pursue?
  • Will the certification help you beat job market competition in varied states of economy?
  • Does it really matter to the clients that one is SAP certified?
  • Does getting certified improve one’s performance compared to a non-certified professional?
  • Can you access the certification easily?

Access to Certification Program

Contrary to other ERP providers such as Oracle whose certificate programs are available to employees and partner employees, the SAP certification program is available not only for SAP employees, but also for partner employees, independent consultants and client employees. Therefore although access is still limited in scope it is broader then SAP’s competitors giving it a better market acceptability.

Available Certifications

SAP provides three different types of certifications to prospective people; Associate certification, Professional certification and Master certification. The Associate level of certification provides basic knowledge and broader set of skills necessary to implement SAP solutions. This level’s exam test the basic book knowledge of the applicant, hence it does not require proper SAP implementation experience.

The Professional level of certification tests advanced knowledge and skills of the applicant and therefore requires on-hand SAP solution implementation experience. Awarding of Master’s level of certification has not yet begun; as per the statement published on SAP’s website, the process is still being defined. Furthermore, SAP certifications do not require one to qualify for all the three levels step by step; one can directly opt for Professional certification if one deems it fit.

Levels of Certification:

  • Associate level: This kind of certification defines the fundamental knowledge for an SAP consultant, and making sure about the solution knowledge and skills of SAP board.The Associate level takes exam of text book knowledge. In most cases, this level doesn`t need any experience to get through in SAP.
  • Professional level: This certification tells the project experience,business knowledge and further making understand solutions of SAP. In this level exams are taken on the basis of experience.
  • Master level: This certification has an expert level understanding the specific place of SAP software and has ability to solve high knowledge and visions in depth. At this level of certification needs project experience and knowledge about SAP and ability is needed to create a better future of IT visions and nice environment. This level needs more exams more than professional level.

SAP’s Website Reaches Out

SAP’s website provides all the necessary details that one would require for gaining information regarding the entire process of certification; their definitions, exams dates, schedules, exam locations etc can be found here.

The website provides a box, “Find a Certification”, a drop down menu of “select solutions” and a focus area tool. Through the use of these tools one can search for the most relevant training certificates of Associate and professional level that fall in one’s area of expertise.

Therefore if one is interested in opting for SAP according to their process experience, education and level of skill, initially paying a visit to this website can answer a lot of questions.

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