SAP Affiliate Partners Can Help You Answer Your Questions

Other than SAP AG, there are other numerous areas that you can get help from as well. The reliable sources that have been approved include the following;

  • Consulting companies

SAPs partnership with consulting companies has greatly contributed to the endorsement of SAPs system worldwide. This is in regards to the fact that SAP boosts of having thousands of consultants ready to helpĀ  any way possible in implementing the policies, strategies and to fully complete all SAPs projects. Consulting partners can further be divided in to two groups who include;

  • Global consulting firms who have the capacity to serve global businesses and firms. They are the largest of consulting firms.
  • National consulting partners who are licensed by the country.

However, the need for a consulting partner will greatly depend on factors such as the scope of your project, its complexity, your budget, your company culture, and of course prior SAP experience with your company. Also note that the charges and rates provided will depend with your consulting company and definitely your negotiation skills. Each firm have specialized consulting style and therefore it is upon you to identify a consulting partner whose culture is close or similar to that of your firm. A little background check online will also help you know their approach, experience, and capabilities hence you will be equipped with the much needed information of your chosen consulting firm.

  • Sapphire and other SAP events

Sapphire refers to the yearly SAPs user conference that is held worldwide and whose tickets are always sold out in advance. For instance, in North America, sapphire is usually held in hot cities basically to attract a large number of prospects, customers and partners as well. The event is quite expensive and will cost about 2200 dollars for a three day seminar excluding accommodation, food or transport.

Other events on the SAP calendar include TechEd which looks at a more technical user. Much on this can also be found on SAP website.

  • ASUG (Americas SAP user group)

This is like a social forum but for SAP users only. It mainly consists of companies of multiple sub-ASUGs- each having special focus on particular areas of SAP. For instance there is an ASUG for high tech companies, and ASUG for companies using ALE. Due to undefined policies, leadership of the sub ASUG always originates and rotates among the members. This in the long run will provide the opportunity for networking, learning and influencing SAP.

  • Clear blue web site

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