SAP Certification

SAP is actually that industry leading ERP software also to obtain certified from SAP being a Advisor or an associate is highly attractive. This article looks at facts about SAP certification and gives you a clear visualize on just what it involves and what it really fetches you.

What is SAP Certification

There are several forms of certification from SAP ( Like Vendor Certification, product certification ), as well as the purposes of this article we will research much more about Expert ( now separated into Associate as well as Professional Certification ) certification.

Recommended Exam Topics

SAP suggests tips for weightage with regard to each one of the exams that it conducts. An example of can be obtained here. Anyone can also find the exam pattern ( variety of questions, weightage, time etc ), locations, requirements etc at this place.

The place do I take the test

You can take the SAP Certification test at one of the sanctioned screening centers ( Pearson Vue , Prometric, etc ). Please visit SAP training website by country to learn more. When applying for Pearson, you may be asked for an id ( called s-id ). You can call SAP and ask for the same. A number will be sent to you personally by snail mail coming from Germany within a few days if you are in the US. You can use this number entitled to apply for certification at Pearson.

Of which Certification exam should I take?

SAP has provided a simple SAP Certification locater tool (provided at the bottom ) where one can remove the certification exams based on a number of criteria just like the product you are writing the certification for, the type of certification and by the type of solution. If you are definitely training having an SAP Academy they will assist you. Or else, you can get in touch with the SAP education services to learn more.

Expense of SAP Certification

SAP certification costs money ( around $ 500 ). In case you will be new to SAP add additional training expenses, journeying charges( to attend the SAP insitution ), hotel costs etc. If you have been recently working as an SAP consultant in the US there are options you can prevent going to the training with out even displaying work experience. In countries such as India, it is these days necessary to go through SAP academy training to simply qualified SAP training ( once again if you show relevant work experience you are waived from this prerequisite ).

Kinds of SAP Certification

SAP currently provides two types of SAP Certification with the third one staying under development.

Affiliate Certification

Professional Certification

Professional certification will be the more advanced among the two. All of these certifications will be kept on the latest product types and also any elderly style certificates could still maintain their value based upon their validity.

The word of Caution

Make sure you will not consider SAP Certification as your license to obtain affluent. Even with its merits, nothing beats

Quality Training

Project Experience.

Employers usually seem at a combination of interview results, comprehensive project experience, recommendations and certification in that order of concern. Certification by yourself will surely not retrieve you a job, but in addition to these other factors, a qualified consultant will definitely be given important almost all different being matched.


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