SAP Consulting – The Way To The Dream?

It’s no secret that a SAP Consultant position is popular among IT Specialists, and CV competition is quite intense. So what do you need to start as a SAP Consultant? How to get the starting position with zero work experience?

You have advantage if you got experience in implementation and support of other systems. If you’ve been SAP User for a long time and well aware with business processes of SAP modules, it does good for your way to SAP Consultant career.

Well, what to do if you have zero experience and your CV doesn’t stand out? You can always hope for a turn in luck and just wait. But time means money. Self-education is praiseworthy and definitely gives some theoretical knowledge you can apply in practice. Courses and trainings combine both theory and practice and get you ready in shortest possible time. And as we know employers always show more interest in practice rather than pure theory.

But whatever way to learn you choose, there are standard requirements SAP Consultant position lays down:

- Theoretical part: process design for Sales, Delivery, Billing, Material Management, Purchasing and Good Receipt
- What is MRP (material requirements planning)? What is it for? How does it work?
- Company structure from SAP point of view. What is a company code?

As a SAP Consultant you will be required to be able to:

- Set up new materials, suppliers, info records, prices and etc. for purchasing;
- Post purchasing orders with different possible scenarios;
- Post receipt of goods and their delivery;
- Post invoices;
- And other actions.

For MM module, for example, the following experience is required:

- Posting Materials, field setting, MRP processing, Goods Receipt;
- Initial setting of purchasing processes: purchase requisition, purchase order (stock transport order, subcontracting, consignment), conditions;
- Posting Stock Transport orders, subcontracting, and consignment;
- EDI setting;
- Idoc etc.

There is a lot of work, isn’t it?

And it’s just the beginning.

Your further career shift depends only on you. Time spent on learning of modules depends on how deeply you want to inquire into the matter, but mind that knowing more than required is a good way to show an employer your motivation and ambitions. Be ready for a jumble of ideas and insomnia.

Dreams can never be reached easily, but it’s worth trying.