What Are The Best SAP Jobs On The Market?

The best SAP jobs are those which are HIGH paying in established large MNCs with room for growth.

People who are working in the IT profession know that some of the top paid professionals are in SAP. The money is usually paid to the person who has the required training and skills and they also seem to get the jobs immediately.

SAP Modules

Here are some tips a person needs to follow in order to get a top job in SAP.

a)      First one needs to acquire good SAP training by picking out modules which include HR, FICO, and BI just to mention a few.

b)      Speciality in the profession is important with knowledge being in either technical or functional profession.

c)      Although there are many self teaching methods that one can use, it is recommended for one to attend a SAP training institution or an individual.

d)      There are many good professionals who offer SAP training online and charge a reasonably cheap fee. For instance consumers can get appropriate SAP training on any module and end up paying less than 500 US dollars.

e)      Normal SAP training packages contain considerable access to a SAP system. Consumers are supposed to negotiate so as to get access to a SAP system for a longer time maybe a couple of months. This access enables consumers to be better prepared for the job interviews.

f)        It is of critical importance to ensure that you are doing as much practice as possible. This is because the job interviews do not dwell on theory questions only but also on the day to day activities.

g)      For those who can afford the SAP certification, it is important to attain the certification. This is because it greatly increases your chances of getting a SAP job.SAP certifications will normally go for 1000 US dollars.

h)      Talking to people who are already working in SAP ventures so as to acquire some tips for approaching the job and the interview in general is recommended.

i)        Joining some functional SAP forums as a member is important since it helps you to learn of the SAP modules that you are willing to learn or interested in.

What do you think are the best SAP jobs in the market?

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