What Makes SAP Stand Out From The Rest?

SAP in German is Systemanalyse und Programmentwicklung which in English means System Analysis and Program Development is a corporation that was established in 1972 by five engineers who previously worked for IBM. Later, in 1976, SAP GmbH was formed and its central office was moved to Walldorf the following year. In 2005 SAP became SAP AG (AG meaning corporation in German). From these modest beginnings, SAP has by no means limited itself; it is well known internationally with offices situated all over the globe in more than 50 countries as well as specialized Research and Development departments but it is best known as the creator of SAP Enterprise Resource Planning and SAP Business Objects software. SAP also boasts more than 109.000 customers in over 120 countries.

The latest figures released in March of this year inform of SAP’s preliminary financial results for 2010 and these show that software revenue alone accounted for approximately €3.265 million and the overall revenue at year end amounted to €12.464 million, a definite increase on their 2009 figures (overall €10.672). You will agree that these statistics are mind staggering indeed!

The Annual Report to Shareholders for 2010 disclosed SAP’s business forecast for 2011 stating that they expect to increase software and software related service revenue by 10% to 14% based on the company’s 2010 figures of €9.869 million. It is also expected that their operating profit will be around €4.650 million, an increase on their €4.000 million revenue of 2010. SAP aims to develop in other areas too such as creating employment, adding to their current 53.872 employees so it is clear they have no intention of slowing down and remain on top of their competition, consolidating their position as one of the leading companies in their field.

What Makes SAP stand out from the Rest?

As a customer orientated company striving for perfection where Customer Services is concerned, SAP deftly adapts to customer needs, modifies and updates its approach and does whatever it takes to ensure complete customer satisfaction. At the end of the day, what company can survive without customers?

SAP’s dedication to creating innovative applications surpasses most other companies. These applications focus on managing and running business with minimum fuss and maximum efficiency allowing business owners to develop other areas of their companies. SAP prides itself on lowering the complex technical aspects of its software as well as its cost making it more attractive to the consumer. The software is fully functional without the need for extensive maintenance costs and constant upgrades. In this way, SAP assures high quality in its products, service, support and other features.

SAP has astutely structured a partner ecosystem which in itself is a booming economy in its own right. With tens of thousands of partners worldwide in a thriving community (one sector alone is made up of 90.000 members) the partner ecosystem is based on industry solutions and creative initiatives forming productive collaborations the world over and extensive involvement in areas such as:

  1. Core Internet and Web Service Infrastructure
  2. Specific Technology Domains
  3. Business Process Management
  4. Business Standards
  5. Java Technology

These communities are beneficial for all participants to include associates, vendors, partners, clients, consultants and analysts as they interchange fresh ideas for a new outlook on software development. Another positive facet is SAP’s Career Centre that serves as a free source of talent at member’s disposal.